Globalization brings with it new forms of domination and violence, posing daunting challenges to critical theory—taken as broadly envisaged and developed around the world. Urgent questions regarding the contemporary possibilities of critical theory are being asked and discussed among global critical scholars and intellectuals. With a shared concern, this workshop aims to generally deliberate on modes of critical theory practice for the Global East and/or the Global South in our age of globalization.

What does/could the Global South or the Global East signify? What could the critical theory be for the South/East? How can it be practiced? What issues should it engage with? These are principal questions the workshop would like the participants to tackle. Suggested specific issues can center around the role of the university as a site for critical thinking, various forms of domination of globalization or neoliberalism, or singular practices in theory, politics, culture, art, and related areas.


  • Asia Theories Network
  • University of California Humanities Research Institute, USA
  • Taiwan Humanities Society(臺灣人文學社)
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University, Taiwan(臺灣大學外文系)
  • MOST “Thought and Life in Theory” Research Project


  • College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University
  • UCHRI (University of California Humanities Research Institute), USA
  • Ministry of Science and Technology

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